Best way for Medical students to learn and understand ECG-EKG

For majority of medical students ECG seems to be one the hardest topics.

in order to save you time and money i wrote this post for all of you out there struggling to understand how to read ECG.

first of all i will recommend you to watch this amazing video series made by Dr.Najeeb, n this videos.

you will learn all the basic physiology of heart conduction system and how the basic ECG is recorded

after you got some knowledge i will recommend you to get this book for further reading and more into deep understanding of different Arrhythmias

or if you are short on time, this one will also work

now that you feel like ECG Ninja its time to have this book, and to see how different ECG problems can seems in real life clinics – in my opeion this book is a must have for any student

and finnaly if you are realy into ECG and you want to become the ECG-Master

check out this site that contain hundreds of ECGs that range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from simplicity to complexity, and from boring to fascinating


 for the fun & practice you can now play this kickass “SIX SECOND ECG SIMULATOR”


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