Learn how to suture – prepare for med school MUST READ FOR Medical students


in order to learn how to suture, you will need to have some basic tools

  • needle holder – needle drive
  • scalpel with blade Nr 10
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • and some suture cord – aka “needle kit”

you can buy for ex. excellent kit that include everything you need in order to learn and sharp your skills, cheap and include everything you need.

or this kit that seems to give more bang for your buck

you can also buy more expensive kit, like this kit that include all the “must have” tools for medical students and purchase separately also some needle kit and “practice tissue” 

recommend needle kit – suture cord

recommended practice tissue – work area

after you got the basic tools, you can watch this videos below, and start practice !

Suture Skills – Videos

SIM VIVIO – Youtube channel


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