Tech that you must have for medical school

in this list i will gather all the necessary equipment you need to have in order to survive medical school without any IT issues.

first of all you will need to have a laptop. windows/mac what ever fits you.

i will recommend you to buy a laptop with

  • 12-14 inch screen not more then this
  •  battery life of at least 6-7 hours
  • 8gb of RAM
  • hard drive of at least 250GB – better SSD then regular HD

few recommendations for windows laptops

and for Apple-Mac-OS guys

after you have a nice machine that run all your staff, you must backup it regularly, into separate external hard drive! (in case your laptop die, get stolen and etc)

i’m using this drive, and in my opinion its best bang for your buck.

for every day tasks of moving files around – btw friends and etc. just buy normal regular USB stick aka “DOK – disk on key” like this one, 32gb support usb 3.1

and finally in order to prevent any discomfort to your wrist, invest in a good wireless mouse, its make the difference and worth any penny

for small hands

for bigger hands



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